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Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston



At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of Boston, by adjournment, November 7, the Committee appointed for that purpose made the following Report, which was accepted by the Town:

Whereas, sundry Regiments of his Majesty' s Troops are, contrary to law, and to the great annoyance and detriment of his Majesty' s good subjects of this Province, now stationed in the Town of Boston, in a time of profound peace, for the avowed purposes of carrying into execution sundry Acts of the British Parliament tending to enslave the people and to subvert the Constitution of the Province, which it is our duty to protest against upon all occasions; yet, nevertheless, we, the inhabitants of the Town of Boston, in Town Meeting legally assembled, taking into serious consideration the distressed circumstances of this Metropolis, and being anxious still to use our best endeavours to preserve that decency and order for which the Town has ever been remarkable; relying on the justice of our cause; and confiding in the united endeavours of the Colonies; the wisdom of the Continental Congress; the justice and clemency of our Sovereign, and the smiles of Divine Providence, that our grievances will shortly be redressed, and our unalienable and precious rights, liberties, and privileges, be restored and secured to us upon a just and permanent basis: Therefore, we recommend, that as his Excellency the Governour has assured the Town that he will do all in his power to secure the peace and good order of the Town:

That the Town, on their part, will exert their best


endeavours to effect the same desirable purpose; and to this end would augment the Town Watch. And it is recommended to the Selectmen of the Town, that they increase the Watch to the number of twelve men in each watch-house, for the security and safety of the inhabitants; and that they be directed to patrole the streets of the Town for the whole night the ensuing season. And it is earnestly desired that his Majesty' s Justices of the Peace, and other Peace Officers, would exert their authority for the observance of the laws and preservation of peace and order; and that when they hear of any disturbance, they would not wait for a complaint, but call on the inhabitants, who will at all times be ready in assisting to disperse such persons, or in bringing offenders, of what rank and order soever, to justice. And in our present situation, it is incumbent upon us particularly to attend to the peace and good order of the Town, it is therefore earnestly recommended to the inhabitants to do all in their power to prevent or suppress any quarrels or disturbances. And it is seriously recommended to all masters of families, that they restrain their children and servants from going abroad after nine o' clock in the evening, unless on necessary business. And it is further recommended to the Selectmen of the Town, to enjoin upon all retailers and tavemers of the Town, that they strictly conform to the laws of the Province relating to disorderly persons. Attest,

W˙ COOPER, Town Clerk.