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New-York Committee to Governour Trumbull



New-York, May 22,1775.

HOUNOURED SIR: I am directed by the General Committee of Association for this City and County, to transmit to your Honour the enclosed authentick copy of a Resolution of the Continental Congress, received by express; and to inform your Honour, that in consequence thereof, we immediately shipped to Albany one hundred barrels of pork; and that a Select Committee has been appointed to purchase and forward, without delay, cordage, oakum, pitch gins, and every other necessary that may be wanted from hence, to carry into execution the aforesaid Resolution. We have also, by express, desired our brethren at Albany to give their aid and assistance. I have the honour to be, most respectfully, your Honour' s most obedient and humble servant,

Honourable Governour Trumbull.