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Letters Brought by Ensign Campbell



Ordered, That Colonel Freeman, Doctor Taylor, and Mr˙ Lothrop, be a Committee to consider in what manner Listing Orders and Commissions shall be given to the Officers of the several Companies to be stationed on the seacoasts.

Mr˙ Palfrey was introduced to this Congress, who brought with him a number of Letters, which were brought from England by Captain Jenkins.

Resolved, That Ensign Campbell, now a prisoner at Concord, be sent for to this Congress, and that Doctor Taylor and Captain Stone be directed to search his packages, and see that he is brought to this Congress; and that Mr˙ Partridge be directed to bring in a Resolve empowering said gentlemen to perform this service.

Ordered, That the Letters directed to gentlemen in Rhode-Island, be sent to the Officers of the Rhode-Island Forces; those to Connecticut, to the Officers of the Connecticut Forces; and those directed to New-Hampshire, to the Officers of the New-Hampshire Forces.

Ordered, That Doctor Whiting, Mr˙ Webster, and Col˙ Freeman, be a Committee to take under consideration a Resolve of Congress, empowering the Committee for procuring Guns, to draw on the Treasurer for the value of what they purchase, and to report what alterations are necessary to be made therein.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Hopkins, Mr˙ Phillips, and Colonel Farley, be a Committee to supervise the Letters brought to this Congress by Mr˙ Palfrey.

Resolved, That the Committee of Supplies be directed to furnish the Committee appointed to go to Concord, with Horses.

Mr˙ Partridge, agreeable to order, reported the following Resolve, which was accepted:

Resolved, That Doctor Taylor, and Captain Stone of Framingham, be a Committee, whose duty it shall be to repair to the Town of Concord, and make search, or cause strict search to be made, into the pockets and packages of Ensign Campbell, now a prisoner at Concord, and is suspected of having Letters of publick concernment concealed in his possession; and that they cause said Campbell to be brought immediately to the door of this Congress, in order for examination, if they judge it necessary.