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Committee of Safety or Committee of Supplies empowered to impress Horses or Teams


Watertown, Monday, April 24, 1775.

Met according to adjournment.

The Reverend Mr˙ Murray was appointed President pro tempore, and Ichabod Goodwin, Secretary pro tempore. Jonas Dix, Esquire, was appointed Monitor.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Gerry give the Express going to the press, his orders for the Enlisting Papers.

Ordered, That the Enlisting Papers going; to the press be authenticated by the Secretary pro tempore.

Resolved, That six hundred of these Papers be printed and that the Congress Express wait for two hundred of them.

Resolved, That the Committee of Safety or Committee of Supplies be empowered to impress Horses or Teams, and direct the owners of them to send their; accounts to the Committee of Supplies; also, to empower other persons to impress on special occasions.

Resolved, That the Establishment of the Army be printed in Handbills, and that a copy of them be sent by the Express who is going for the Enlisting Papers; and that three hundred of them be printed immediately.

Moved, That a Member from each County be appointed to attend the Committee of Safety, and let them know the names of the Officers in said Counties, belonging to the Minute-Men, and such as are most suitable for Officers in the Army now raising.

Ordered, That Colonel Lincoln be appointed for the County of Suffolk ;

Major Fuller for the County of Essex;

Colonel Prescott for the County of Middlesex;

Colonel Pomeroy for the County of Hampshire;

Nathaniel Cushing, Esq˙, for the County of Plymouth,


Daniel Davis, Esq˙, for the County of Barnstable;

Colonel Dagget for the County of Brisol;

Ichabod Goodwin, Esq˙, for the County of York;

Joseph Mayhew, Esq˙, for the County of Dukes County;

Major Bigelow for the County of Worcester;

Mr˙ Samuel Freeman for the County of Cumberland;

Reverend Mr˙ John Murray for the County of Lincoln;

Colonel John Patterson for the County of Berkshire; and Stephen Hussey, Esq˙, for the County of Nantucket.

Ordered, That each of these Members attend the service according to their appointment, or write to the Committee.

Ordered, That Major Fuller, of Middleton, give a list of the names of these Members to the Committee of Safety.

Resolved, That when this Congress do adjourn, they adjourn to three o' clock this afternoon, and the Members are enjoined to attend punctually at that time.

Adjourned accordingly to three o' clock, P˙ M.

Afternoon, April 24, 1775.

Letters from Hartford, directed to the President of this Congress, laid on the table, ordered to be read, and, after reading them, were ordered to be immediately forwarded to the Committee of Safety, then sitting at Cambridge.

Moved, That a Committee be now appointed to examine the Records, and report such matters contained therein as may be made publick, and such as shall remain secret at present.

Ordered, That Major Brooks, Deacon Fisher, and Mr˙ Freeman, be a Committee for that purpose.

Congress adjourned to eight o' clock, next morning, at this place.