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One hundred Rangers to be kept in pay until the 14th of October


September 28. — A Remonstrance from the Overseers of the Poor of the City of Philadelphia was presented to the House, setting forth that the sum of money granted last year by the Legislature for the relief and support of such aged, sick, and infirm Neutrals as are yet residents in the said city, is wholly laid out for the purpose for which it was granted, as by the accounts herewith laid before the House will appear; that the Remonstrants therefore think it their duty to inform the honourable House, that there is at present a considerable number of the said Neutrals, who, from their age, sickness, or infirmities, are incapable of supporting themselves, and must suffer greatly, unless speedy and constant supplies are afforded them in such manner as their particular circumstances may from time to time require. That the Remonstrants therefore request the House will be pleased to take the premises into consideration, and grant such relief therein as shall appear necessary.

Ordered to lie on the table.

The House resumed the consideration of the Governour' s Message of the 26th instant, and, after some debate thereon, the question being put by the Speaker, whether one hundred men (officers included) of the rangers, now employed on the frontiers, shall be kept up, and continued in pay till the meeting of the next Assembly?

Carried in the affirmative.

Resolved, That it be, and is hereby recommended to the succeeding Assembly to make provision for paying and victualling the said one hundred rangers until the 14th of October next.

An Answer to his Honour' s Message being then drawn at the table, and agreed to, it was ordered to be transcribed.