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Report of Committee appointed to inquire of Baron de Woedtke relative to the design the Captain in whose vessel he came, had of going into Boston


The Committee of both Houses, appointed to inquire of Monsieur Le Baron de Woedtks, Chevalier del order de St˙ Jean de Jerusalem et de Malta, relative to the design the Captain, in whose vessel he came, had of going into Boston, &c˙, report: That from the account the Baron gave of the matter, there was reason to suppose the Frenchman designed to go into Boston with his cargo; but upon his being heard in his own justification, and the evidence given by Captain Folger, who left the West-Indies but a few days before him, the Committee were of opinion that, on the whole, it was best to give him up his papers, and admit him to sell his cargo. The Committee are further of opinion, that the Honourable James Otis, Esq˙, before whom the Baron was examined, and by whom he was forwarded to the Council, had great reason to suppose the master had formed a design of going into Boston; that his Honour' s conduct herein merits applause, and that the account of the expenses be laid before the Committee of Accounts for examination and allowance.

Read, and accepted.