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Letter from William Sever to Gloucester Committee


To the Committee of Safety of the Town of GLOUCESTER, or Committee of Correspondence of said town, Greeting:

You are hereby requested to take into your custody and safe-keeping, William Wood, master, and Hubert Ayles, mate, lately taken prisoners in the ship Jenny, and brought into your port. You are desired to sea that they do not puss out of the limits of the Town of Gloucester on any pretence whatever; and, if they, or either of them, shall attempt it, or if, for any other reason, you may think it to publick safety to confine them, you are hereby authorized and empowered, in either of such cases, to cause the said Wood and Ayles, or either of them, to be apprehended and put under close confinement, till the further order of the major part of the Council.

In the name, and by order of the Council: WILLIAM SEVER.

COUNCIL-CHAMBER, January 26, 1776.