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Connecticut Committee of Safety


Friday, February 23, 1776.

Met according to adjournment. Present:

His Honour the Governour, Eliphalet Dyer, Jabez Huntington, William Williams, Nathaniel Wales, Joshua West, Esquires.

Letter just received by Captain Clark from General Washington, complaining of the deficiency of Powder.

Major Smith, of Stonington, present, moving that the Stonington Company of forty, for defence of the Harbour and Town, &c˙, may be augmented, for reasons by him urged, and is considered; and, on consideration,

Voted and Resolved, That the Company of forty men, now stationed at Stonington, for defence of the Harbour and Works erected and building there, be augmented by voluntary inlistment, to ninety men, including Officers, to be continued until the 1st December next, unless sooner dismissed by the General Assembly or this Board, to be on the same plan, and under the same regulations, as the Companies raising for the defence of New-London Harbour, saving tbat their station is fixed at or near said Fortification,


at Stonington, till further orders from said Assembly or this Board.

Sundry Letters from sundry persons relating to the publick affairs of the times.

Said Stonington Company had been raised by this Board, 14th September last, (as p˙) to consist of fifty men, and afterwards by the Assembly, in October, 1775, reduced to forty, is now augmented to ninety, as above, and Major Oliver Smith is appointed Captain of said Company, Nathan Palmer, Jun˙, is appointed First Lieutenant of the same, John Belcher Second Lieutenant of the same, and Clement Miner is appointed Ensign of the same. And said Captain Smith is authorized and empowered, by all proper ways, to raise and inlist said Company with all convenient speed, and make return to his Honour the Governour, who is desired to give said Officers proper warrants or commissions.

And Nathaniel Miner, Esq˙, is appointed a Commissary, to provide the proper supplies of Provisions for support of the Company now ordered to be raised, under the command of Captain Oliver Smith, to be stationed at Stonington Fort, and the Governour is desired to give said Miner a proper warrant accordingly. The Provisions to be according to the Regulations of the Army near Boston, as mentioned in a Proclamation referred to in the Order for raising said Company.

(Copy given said Major Smith.)

Mr˙ Simeon Davis is present, commissioned and authorized by Governour Cooke to go to the foreign West-Indies for a cargo of Powder, and liberty of taking a cargo from this Colony if he can obtain leave, &c˙, and urges the necessity of the article, and the probability of success, &c˙; and on being asked, &c˙, this Committee consent to, and advise his Honour to permit him to purchase and ship two thousand pounds Cheese, two thousand pounds Hogs' Lard, sixty barrels of Pork, and thirty barrels of Beef in this Colony, for the purpose aforesaid.

And on consideration of supplying Officers for the Company to be stationed at Winthrop' s Point, in New-London: Colonel G˙ Saltonstall is appointed Captain of this Company, to be stationed at Winthrop' s Point, and to raise such Company by inlistment, by all proper ways, as soon as may be, and make return to his Honour the Governour.

And Ebenezer Ledyard, Esq˙, is appointed a Commissary, to make and provide Provisions for the Company to be raised and stationed at Groton-Hill, according to the Proclamation for raising them, &c.

And Captain John Deshon is appointed a Commissary, to provide for the two Companies to be raised and stationed at Winthrop' s Point and at Mamacock, in New-London, according to Proclamation. (Copies sent.)

Took into consideration the affair of appointing Captain and other officers for the Brig Defence, now lying at New-Haven, and talked largely upon it, and appointed Seth Harding to be Captain of said Brig Defence, and concluded upon the others almost, but deferred till next day the appointment.

Appointed Jehiel Tinker, Captain of the Row-Galley, now building at East Haddam. And adjourned until tomorrow morning.