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General Schuyler to New-York Congress



Ticonderoga, August 15, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: Yesterday I was favoured with a line from Mr˙ Francis Lewis, dated Philadelphia, August 2d. He advises me that Congress was adjourned, and that in future I was to address myself to you; that he had received several of my letters to the Continental Congress, which he would lay before you; but as he does not mention of what date, I suppose there are none later than the 27th ultimo, and that the subsequent ones of the 28th and 31st ultimo, 2d and 6th instant, had not come to hand; copies of the two last of which I enclose you, with copies of such of the papers alluded to as may be of consequence, lest those letters should not be delivered you.

Since my last, Major Brown is returned from Canada; he did not complete my wishes; enclosed you have his reports. I cannot learn that either the Regular Troops or Indians have been farther south than the latitude of 45; I suppose they are apprehensive of an attack. Captain Smith fell in with an officer, sergeant, and ten Indians; he wished to speak to them, but they retired to their boats, and on his approach they fired three vollies, but did not shoot or wound any.

I shall soon have boats sufficient to move what men I am likely to have here, and therefore wish that any of the articles requested in my estimate, and which have not yet been sent, together with such as I have subsequently applied for, may be immediately forwarded to me. Cartridge paper, and the various articles necessary in the artillery branch, (except guns,) I have none of, and as I cannot make a substitute for any, I wish that not one moment' s delay may be made in sending them from New-York, with orders that they may not be detained at any place.

I am, Gentlemen, with great respect and esteem, your most obedient humble servant,


To the New-York Provincial Congress.