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North-Carolina, SS.



By His Excellency JOSIAH MARTIN, His Majesty' s Captain-General, Governour, and Commander-in-chief, in and over the said Province.


Whereas a most daring, horrid, and unnatural Rebellion has been exerted in the Province against His Majesty' s Government, by the base and insidious artifice of certain


traitorous, wicked, and designing men, and the same is now openly avowed and declared, and actually threatens the sole subversion of the laws and Constitution of the said Province, and the liberties and privileges of His Majesty' s subjects, inhabitants thereof, I have thought fit to issue this Proclamation, hereby to signify to all His Majesty' s liege subjects within this Province, that I find it necessary, for the safety and preservation of the rights, civil and religious, and for the maintenance of His Majesty' s Government against the said desperate, unnatural Rebellion, to erect His Majesty' s Royal standard, and to collect and unite the force of His Majesty' s people under the same, for the purpose of resisting and subduing, with the assistance of the Almighty, the said impious and unnatural Rebellion, and to restore the just rights of His Majesty' s Crown and Government, and the liberties of his people; and I do, hereby, exhort, require, and command, in the King' s name, all His Majesty' s faithful subjects, on their duty and allegiance, forthwith to repair to the Royal standard, hereby promising and assuring every aid, encouragement, and support to all such as shall come to vindicate and support the violated laws and Constitution of their country; at the same time pronouncing all such Rebels as will not join the Royal banner, Rebels and Traitors; their lives and properties to be forfeited. All such as will join shall be forgiven any past offences, even admitting they had taken up arms, not doubting that every man who knows the value of freedom and the blessings of a British subject, will join his heart and hand to restore to his country that most glorious, free, and happy Constitution and form of Government, which the most desperate and abandoned Traitors only can wish to disturb or alter; or, in times of danger, like the present, forbear to hazard every thing that is dear to support it.

Given under my hand and seal-at-arms, on board His Majesty' s Sloop Scorpion, in Cape-Fear River, this 10th day of January, 1776, and in the sixteenth year of His Majesty' s reign.

Josiah Martin.

God save the King.