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Proclamation by Governour Trumbull for raising a Regiment to join the Army in Canada


Proclamation for raising, &c˙, a Northern Regiment, &c˙, January 19, 1776, respecting CANADA.


Whereas, I have authentick intelligence, that the Army under the command of the late General Montgomery, has been repulsed in attempting to dispossess the enemies of American liberty of the City of Quebeck, the General slain, with several officers and soldiers, and a number taken prisoners, whereby reinforcements are become indispensably necessary, in order to maintain the advantages already gained in that country, an object of vast importance for the safety of the Northern Frontiers, and for the protection of our friends belonging to that Province, and the security of their and our rights and liberties. And the complement of troops designed by the honourable Continental Congress for that station, not being complete, and it appearing at this critical juncture of the greatest necessity, that measures should be taken, without delay, to reinforce the Army there, for the great and salutary purposes aforesaid. And also, having the highest reason to expect the approbation of said honourable Congress, and that they will take any necessary recruits into their pay; but their distance being so great, that a delay for their orders might be attended with dangerous, if not fatal consequences:


On consideration of the matters aforesaid, by and with the advice and assistance of my Council of Safety, I have thought it necessary, that at least one Regiment of Foot should be raised by voluntary inlislment in this Colony, as soon as possible, to consist of a number not exceeding seven hundred and fifty effective men, officers included, and to be formed into ten companies, of seventy-five each, including officers; each company to have one Captain, two Lieutenants, one Ensign, and non-Commissioned Officers as usual, to be marched with all possible expedition to the relief and succour of the Continental Army in that quarter, and to continue in service until the first day of November next, unless they can be sooner released, consistent with the common safety; and do hereby appoint, order and direct the same accordingly, and thereupon issue this Proclamation for that purpose, hereby declaring and engaging, that all such officers and soldiers, who shall undertake and inlist, pursuant to the orders aforesaid, shall have, and receive the same pay, wages, billeting and allowance, as other officers and soldiers of that Army are entitled to; and shall have one month' s pay advance, before they march out of this Colony; and each non-commissioned officer and soldier finding himself a good blanket, shall be entitled to two dollars therefor, and the property of it be his own. And I do hereby earnestly recommend it to, and invite all persons able for said service, to a sufficient number, freely and cheerfully to engage in, and undertake the same for the sake of the love of their country, and all the dear-bought rights and privileges thereof, the happiness of themselves and all posterity. And on the most mature and deliberate consideration, doubt not, but I am warranted further to encourage them to hope for and expect the protection and blessing of Almighty God. The righteous Lord loveth righteousness, and will, I doubt not, own and succeed this just and righteous cause.

Given under my hand at Lebanon, in said Colony, the 18th day of January, Annoque Domini 1776.