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Letter from Captain Conway to Lord Stirling



Perth-Amboy, December 11, 1775.

SIR: In obedience to your Lordship' s commands of the 5th inst˙, I received of Isaac Monnel, Esq˙, the beds, blankets, &c˙, belonging to the barracks here, and tendered him a receipt for them, which, for particular reasons, he refused. I also had a sufficient number of rooms cleaned, and provided fire-wood and provision to supply my company several days, which this day marched here, and quartered in the barracks, though not without a great deal of trouble, owing to the unwillingness of them to leave Brunswick, and several other trivial reasons.

I have now in confinement three privates, sentinels, two of them for desertion and abuse of their officers, the other, for striking a sergeant, and deserting a party on duly of fatigue. As I think it time to carry some command, and use a little severity, I beg your Lordship' s permission to call a regimental court-martial to try them, as making an example of one or more of them will certainly deter others from the like.

Messrs˙ Powell and Rose, who accompanied me here, with their fife and drum, will wait on your Lordship with this, and will be proud of serving your Lordship, as fife and drum-major to the regiment; their business is to treat and agree with your Lordship on that matter. I therefore recommend them to your Lordship as two valuable men in that capacity, and would be glad to have them appointed on reasonable terms, which I believe they are willing to accept.

I hope your Lordship' s good nature will excuse any impropriety of style, particularly the badness of the writing, as I cannot use my thumb, which I offer as a reason for not sending your Lordship a copy of my last orders.

As the barrack chimneys are very foul and dangerous, I have got a boy from York, to have them swept to-morrow morning, (such as will be now used.) There is also some repairs of glazing, carpenter' s work, and mending the woodyard fence, wanting to be done, which, if your Lordship is pleased to order, I will see executed immediately.

I have the honour of being, with great respect, my Lord, your Lordship' s most obedient, humble servant,


Lord Stirling.

P˙ S˙ I beg the favour of your Lordship' s orders respecting the above matters, or any further service, as soon as may be pleased to direct; to be left at Captain Dawson' s, at Woodbridge, or Gershom Lott' s, in Amboy.