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Letter to the Committee of Orange County


By order of the Deputies present, a Letter was addressed to the Committee of Orange County, in the words following, to wit:

New-York, December 1, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: We are extremely sorry to inform you that we have not yet been able to make a Congress; and as we suppose that your County have now held the election for Deputies to represent you here, we beg that you will not delay sending down your members by next Monday morning, that the publick business may no longer suffer for the want of a representation of your County; for such is the perilous state of America, and this Colony in particular, that a Convention of the Deputies is absolutely necessary with the utmost despatch. But if, after such repeated applications to your County to be in Congress by their Deputies, you continue to neglect a measure so necessary for your reputation and safety, you must not complain if the Congress determine upon matters relative to your County, in common with others, although yours should, by your inattention, be unrepresented.

To the Committee of Orange County.