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Letter from Richmond County Committee to New-York Congress



Richmond County, March 7, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Agreeably to your request of February 21st, we here send you the proceedings of the trials of Richard Conner, Esq˙, Isaac Decker, Minah Burger, and Abraham Harris; being returned from their confinement at Elizabeth-town. The Committee being this day assembled, proceeded to the trial of Isaac Decker, relative to a complaint, against him for having carried provision on board the transport, and opposing choosing of Delegates; speaking against the Continental and Provincial Congresses, and their proceedings; and for having carried Cortlandt Skinner on board the man-of-war,

Samuel Dehart, one of the evidence mentioned in the accusation against said Isaac Decker, being examined on oath to each particular complaint, declared that the said Isaac Decker was not guilty of either of the above complaints, to his knowledge.

Joshua Mercereau, being the other evidence mentioned in the charge against Isaac Decker, did appear, but would not give his evidence when called for.

The Committee has, therefore, referred the matter till Friday the 15th March, for further examination.

N˙ B˙ Mr˙ Isaac Decker owns that he sent Mr˙ Cortlandt Skinner on board the ship Duchess of Gordon with his barge. And at the last election for Delegates, it appears, by the list of votes, that he voted for Deputies to be sent to represent this County in Provincial Congress, and has signed the General Association.

The Committee then proceeded to the trial of Minah Burger; and after having examined the evidence against said Minah Burger, the Committee took into consideration the charge and complaint alleged against him. On examnation, it appeared to the Committee to be groundless and without foundation; and, therefore, discharged said Minah Burger from said complaint.

The Committee then proceeded to the trial of Abraham Harris, relative to a complaint against him for drinking damnation to Independency, and for having said he inlisted thirty men in Egg-Harbour for King and country.

Seth Johnson, one of the evidence to the above charge, being examined on oath, declared, that he was at the house of Isaac Decker, when Abraham Harris told him that he had inlisted thirty men at the forks of Egg-Harbour for King and country, by order of a gentleman in New-York; farther the deponent says, the next day said Harris told him he was not in earnest; and further says not.

David Crane, the other evidence to the above charge, being examined on oath, declared, that he was at the house of Isaac Decker, and the deponent saw said Abraham Harris with a bowl in his hand, and drink damnation to all Independency; and heard said Harris say that he had inlisted


men at Egg-Harbour for King and country, and that they were not far off; and further says not.

N˙ B˙ Said Harris is taken by the Sheriff, and now confined in Richmond Jail, on account of a debt. The Committee knows not by what means to bring him to trial; would be glad of advice.

The Committee then proceeded to the trial of Richard Conner, Esq˙; but no evidence appearing against him, it was referred till Friday, the 15th instant.

For more particulars relative to the foregoing trials, and others, reference to the Journal of the Committee may be had.

We are, gentlemen, your very humble servants,

By order of the Committee:


To the Provincial Congress of New-York.