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Letter from George Munro to the Committee of Bladensburgh


Bladensburgh, August 1, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: It is with unspeakable grief that I think of my hasty inconsiderateness, in writing what I ought not to have wrote, on the 18th of June, to two young men of my acquaintance, and am especially uneasy to find, from my letter, that I have used expressions which might affect others, when, in truth. I intended no such thing. My apprenticeship being out in this country, I intended, according to my father' s inclination, to have gone to Britain, after assisting Mr˙ Henderson through the purchase, and I thought of nothing less than mustering in this country; but seeing him fond of it, and that it was generally done, I went into the company, but intended to go to my parents; and having no property to fight for here, I never had the least notion of enlisting to fight, because that would have obliged me to stay here, contrary to my father' s inclination. I am induced to address this letter to you, because I have observed that an acknowledgment in writing is always required by the Committees from people who are guilty of such imprudence as I have been guilty of. My serious sentiments are not against the rights of the country: and I truly believe, that if the people in general in Great Britain were allowed to consider coolly the reasons set forth by the Congress, and were well informed of the oppressions of the Ministry, they would not be against America. I cannot now show my serious sentiments, having so inconsiderately got the ill will of my best friends by a letter which I never read over, nor kept a copy of, unless by carrying home with me the arguments of the Congress, and doing my poor endeavours to have them more generally understood at home than they seem to be by the people in general there. Upon the whole, I commit myself to you, and entreat you to meet immediately, not doubting but you will make charitable allowances for the inconsiderateness of youth; and am, gentlemen, your very humble servant,


To the Gentlemen of the Committee of Bladensburgh.

Resolved, That this Committee do adjourn to Monday, the 7th day of this instant.