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A copy of the Resolution directing the sale of the schooner Putnam


Monday morning, October 14, 1776.

Present: Colonel Livingston, President.

NEW-YORK — Mr˙ Roosevelt, Mr˙ Dunscombe, Mr˙ Duane, Mr˙ Harper, Mr˙ Jay.

WESTCHESTER — Mr˙ Mills, Colonel Cortlandt.

ALBANY — Mr˙ A˙ Yates, Mr˙ Gansevoort, Mr˙ Cuyler, Mr˙ Adgate, Colonel Livingston.

TRYON — Mr˙ Moore, Mr˙ Harper, Mr˙ Paris, Mr˙ Newkirk.

SUFFOLK — Mr˙ William Smith, Mr˙ Gelston.

DUTCHESS — Mr˙ Sacket, Mr˙ R˙ R˙ Livingston.

CHARLOTTE — Mr˙ Webster, Mr˙ Duer.

ULSTER — Major Parks, Mr˙ Contine.

ORANGE — Colonel Allison.

CUMBERLAND — Mr˙ Stevens.

GLOUCESTER — Colonel Bailey.

Mr˙ Moore reported that he had been at the Landing, and viewed the Arms in Mr˙ Sacket' s care. That out of sixty-three Arms and two Barrels, thirteen appear to be fit for immediate use, with a little cleaning and repair; the rest are in very bad order.

Ordered, That the thirteen Arms be immediately repaired by Mr˙ McCavery, and that the rest of the Arms be sent to Poughkeepsie, to Mr˙ John Schenck, who is requested to get them repaired and sent down to this Convention without delay.

A Letter from Thomas Randall, dated the 10th instant, accompanying a Letter from Thomas Quigley, Lieutenant of the Schooner Putnam, dated 6th instant.

Ordered, That a copy of the Resolution directing the sale of the said Schooner be transmitted to Captain Randall.


Mr˙ Gelson informs that one thousand pounds of Gunpowder, which had been sent by this State into Suffolk County, is removed to Say-Brook, in Connecticut; that there is also a quantity of Saltpetre in that State, which he had purchased in Suffolk County for the State.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Gelson and Mr˙ Duane be a Committee to inquire into the state of and devise ways and means to secure the Gunpowder and Saltpetre lately removed from Suffolk County into Connecticut, mentioned to the Convention by Mr˙ Gelson, and also to inquire where the Arms are which were removed from that County by Colonel Livingston.

Mr˙ Gelston further informed that he has in his hands two hundred and twenty-five Dollars belonging to this State, which he received of Colonel Josiah Smith, of Suffolk County, being part of the gross sum advanced to Colonel Smith to discharge the one half of the bounty engaged to his Regiment.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Gelston pay the said two hundred and twenty-five Dollars to the Treasurer of this Convention, and take his receipt for the same, which shall be a full indemnification for Mr˙ Gelston for the same.