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Committee to examine the Resolves of the Congress respecting the Estates of the Refugees


Tuesday, August 15, 1775.

The Report of the Committee relative to the supplying Captain Curtis with Stores, recommitted for some amendment.

Mr˙ Jonathan Low returned a Member for the Town of Lunenburgh.

Ordered, That Captain Thatcher, Mr˙ Putnam, and Deacon Rawson, be a Committee to examine the Resolves of Congress respecting the estates of the Refugees, and report thereon.

The Report of the Committee for furnishing Captain Curlis with Provision, &c. Read and accepted.

Resolved, That the Treasurer be and hereby is directed to pay out of the publick Treasury to Captain Bryant Morton the sum of one hundred and ninety-six Pounds, to purchase two months' provision for Captain James Curtis' s Company. Two hundred bushels of Corn and six Whale-Boats,


for the use of the Forces destined for Deer-Island, in the County of Lincoln, which Corn and Boats are to be delivered to the care of Colonel Cargill, in said County, and said Captain Morton to be accountable to this Court for the same sum.

In Council, August 15, 1775: Read and concurred.

Report of the Committee on Capt˙ Jeremiah Obrian' s Account. Read, and recommitted for amendments.

Ordered, That a Precept be issued to the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, for the choice of a Representative, in the room of the Honourable Mr˙ Samuel Adams, who is elected to the Board.

Ordered, That Major Hawley, Major Cross, Mr˙ Sullivan, Colonel Sawyer, and Captain Partridge, be a Committee to wait upon Mr˙ Adams to the honourable Board.

Benjamin White, Esq˙, brought down the Report on the Memorial of the Officers of the Eastern Regiment in the County of Lincoln.


Ordered, That Colonel Cushing, Mr˙ Greenleaf, and Mr˙ Wheeler, be a Committee to confer with General Washington relative to the Debts contracted by the Massachusetts Forces before it was made a Continental Army, and make report to this House.

Ordered, That the sum of Six Thousand Pounds be granted for defraying the charges of the General Court.

The House then adjourned till to-morrow morning, eight o' clock.