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The Committee of Claims Reported


The Committee of Claims reported, that there is due on account of necessaries furnished to the Hussar Company, and for services therein, the following sums, viz:

To James & Drinker, the sum of 192˙8 Dollars. Thomas Clifford & Sons, 64˙4 Dollars. Usher & Henry, 29˙2 Dollars. George Fromberger, 127˙3 Dollars. William Ogden, 73˙3 Dollars. William Kerlin, 64 Dollars, Samuel Garrigues, 11 Dollars. Andrew Fegener, 266˙6 Dollars. Lewis Kughn, 425˙3 Dollars. Lewis Prahl, to be paid by his order to Andrew Banner, 226˙6 Dollars.

Sundries for smaller sums to be paid to T˙ Matlack, and by him paid, 550˙6 Dollars.


That there is due to Rachel Stelle, for expenses of a Guard at Trenton over the Powder, 10˙5 Dollars.

To William Holmes, for Goods furnished the Rifle Company raised in Cumberland, 85˙6 Dollars.

To Timothy Matlack, to pay for Wood for the use of the Congress, 22 Dollars.

Ordered, That the above Accounts be paid.

On motion made, Resolved, That five of the Committee of Claims, be empowered to act, of which the Chairman to be one.