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Saturday, December 9, 1775.

The Committee appointed to consider what is proper to be done relative to one Rand, a suspected person, reported. The Report was read, and accepted, and is as follows, viz:

Whereas, by information given to this Court, there is great reason to apprehend Edward Rand, a pewterer, of Newburyport, and brother of Doctor Rand, of Boston, has carried on a criminal correspondence with his brother, aforesaid, who is unfriendly to the cause of America:

Therefore, Resolved, That Captain Epes forthwith repair to Mr˙ Winthrop Gray, at Malden, or Point-Shirley, and inquire into the facts aforesaid, in confidence; and, provided the said Gray shall confirm the same, that then the said Captain Epes forthwith repair to the Committee of Safety and Correspondence of Newburyport, with this Resolve, who are hereby directed and empowered to cause said Rand to be immediately put under a sufficient guard, and his papers secured, until the further order of this Court.

Upon a motion, Ordered, That Mr˙ Cooper bring in a Resolve for agreeing with Mr˙ Revere.

Upon a motion, Ordered, That Colonel Cutt, Mr˙ Lincoln, and Mr˙ Bancroft, be a Committee to lake into consideration the circumstances of the Prisoners in Worcester jail, in what method such Clothing as is necessary to make them comfortable shall be supplied, and report.

Moses Gill, Esquire, brought down from the honourable Board a Report of the Committee on the Resolves of the Continental Congress, lately received.

Ordered, That the Clerk write to Mr˙ Freeman, and desire his attendance as soon as may be.