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Town Meeting at Providence, in Rhode-Island



At a Town Meeting held at Providence, on the last Tuesday of August, 1774,

The Honourable DARIUS SESSIONS, Esq˙, Moderator:

Whereas, at the last session of Assembly an order was passed that John Smith would receive the quota of the arms belonging to the County of Providence, and deliver them to his Honour the Deputy Governour. Whereupon it is by this meeting Voted, that John Smith be appointed to procure the said small arms to be cleaned and made fit for use, and to procure proper chests for the same, all of which expenses to be paid by this town after his accounts have passed the Town Audit.

It is resolved by this meeting that this town ought not to be made the asylum of any person or persons of whatever town, place, or city, within the British Dominions, whose principles and practices being inimical to the liberties of our country and its happy Constitution, have rendered or shall render them obnoxious to the inhabitants of such place or places from which they may emigrate, and that all such ought, be discouraged by every prudent and legal measure. And the honourable Town Council are hereby requested to exert themselves for the removal and ejection of all such persons, so far as by law they may be warranted, as their being admitted among us may tend greatly to endanger the peace, order, and tranquillity of the town, as by recent instances has been manifested.