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Provincial Congress requested to establish a Court of Inquiry


May 11, 1775.

Voted, That Mr˙ William Cooper, Junior, be and he hereby is appointed a Clerk to Doctor Warren, President of the Congress.

In Committee of Safety, Cambridge,

May 11, 1775,

Whereas, this Committee, as also the Council of War, is frequently interrupted in very important business, by hearing and determining matters relative to persons supposed enemies to this Country, under various circumstances, and other matters in which the publick good is affected, which obstructs proceedings: Therefore,

Resolved, That this Committee apprehend, that if the Provincial Congress of this Colony would erect a Court of Inquiry, to hear and determine all such cases as relate to persons apprehended and brought before them as enemies to American liberty, and other cases which concern the publick good, it would be of great publick advantage; and therefore,

Resolved, That this Vote be immediately transmitted to said Congress for their consideration.