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Proceedings of the Committee for Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Committee Chamber, in Paxtown, 14th of August, at Mr˙ George Fries' s, in Middletown, 1776:

On motion, Resolved unanimously, That this Committee make application to the County Committee for one hundred and thirty-five pounds of Gunpowder, for the use of this Township, as we do not know the day or hour we may be attacked by a frontier enemy; thirty-five pounds of which Powder and one hundred and fifty-pounds of Lead and Shot lies in Mr˙ John Harris' s; and five hundred pounds of Lead which lies at the house of Mr˙ Carrous; and as we look up to you in all cases of emergency, we hope you will consider our distressed situation, and that you will direct under whose hands said Ammunition shall be lodged.

Also, on motion, Resolved unanimously, That all the Gunsmiths of our Township be set to repair all Arms in said Township that are not fit for service, at the expense of the publick, and that your honourable Board will empower this Committee to oblige all the Gunsmiths in that Township to fall to work at said Guns immediately.

By order of Committee: