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Committee to inquire into the conduct of Commodore Hopkins, Instructions to General Schuyler, An emission of five millions of Dollars, in Continental Bills of Credit, ordered


Wednesday, May 22, 1776.

A Petition from James McKnight was presented to Congress, and read.

A Report being made on the Petition of P˙ Simons, the same was taken into consideration. Whereupon,

Resolved, That it appears James McKnight hath proceeded in the sale of the Sloop Sally and her cargo, contrary to the mode prescribed, and without any authority from Congress.

That the Resolution passed the 4th of April, "empowering the Committee of Inspection and Observation of the County of Burlington to make sale of the Sloop Sally and the cargo on board, and to pay one-half of the net proceeds to James McKnight for salvage, and retain the other half for the owner or owners," be set aside.

Resolved, That it be an Instruction to the Marine Committee to procure an exact account of the number and weight of the Cannon lately taken at Providence.

Resolved, That it be an Instruction to the Committee to whom the Instructions given by the Naval Committee to Commodore Hopkins were referred, to inquire how far Commodore Hopkins has complied with the said Instructions; and if, upon inquiry, they shall find he has departed therefrom, to examine into the occasion thereof.

Resolved, That the said Committee have power to send for witnesses and papers.

The Congress resumed the consideration of the Report on the Letters from General Washington, &c˙, received the 16th and 18th. Whereupon,

Resolved, That the Instructions given to Mr˙ Price by Major-General Schuyler be approved. That General Schuyler be directed to take any further measures for supplying the Army in Canada with Provisions, which his prudence may suggest, in which the Congress place the highest confidence.


That General Schuyler be informed of the difficulty of procuring specie, and directed, as far as possible, to remedy that inconvenience, by purchasing such necessaries as can be obtained in these Colonies, and to appoint Storekeepers and other officers for the sale and distribution thereof.

That General Schuyler be informed that Congress have in view these two great objects — the protection and assistance of our Canadian friends, and the securing so much of that country as may prevent any communication between our enemies and the Indians. The means of effecting these purposes — by fortifying proper posts, building armed vessels where most expedient, opening roads of communication, or otherwise — are left to the determination of a Council or Councils of War, governing themselves by events and their knowledge of the country.

That General Washington, or the Commanding-Officer at New York, be directed to send from thence to Ticonderoga so many light cannon as will be sufficient to arm the vessels now in Lake Champlain.

That the attention of the Commissioners in Canada to the restoration of order and discipline, and to the punishment of those by whom they are violated, deserve the approbation of Congress.

That the specie now in the Treasury, and as much more as can be procured, not exceeding the sum of 100,000 Dollars, to be immediately remitted to the Commissioners for the payment of debts due from these Colonies in Canada, and for the preservation of publick credit.

That the Commissioners in Canada be directed, if necessary, to appoint proper persons to collect and audit the publick accounts in that Province.

That the Commissioners in Canada and General Schuyler be informed that we cannot give them any assurance of maintaining our Army there by hard money; but that this ought not to discourage our operations, Congress being determined to send from these Colonies supplies of provisions and all other necessaries, if hard money cannot be obtained; and that, in the mean time, the best endeavours shall be used to procure the sum of 100,000 Dollars in hard money.

That some person or persons be employed by the President in New England, as an Agent or Agents, to procure, if possible, hard money to the amount of 100,000 Dollars; and, as soon as a considerable sum is obtained, the said Agents be directed to transmit the same to the Commissioners of Congress in Canada, for the use of the Army there; and in case of the absence of the Commissioners, the same to be delivered to the Deputy Paymaster-General.

That such presents be made to the Indians on the delivery of the hatchet, as the Commissioners in Canada think prudent.

That 500,000 Dollars he sent as soon as possible to General Schuyler.

The Committee of Claims reported that there is due —

On sundry Certificates exhibited by Joseph Donaldson, the sum of 467˙6 Dollars, and that the same ought to be paid to Robert McPherson, Esq˙, and

Captain Dowdle' s Company charged with 13 1/3 Dollars.

Captain Nelson' s Company charged with 26˙8 Dollars.

Captain James Grier, for a Rifle, with - 9 1/3 Dollars.

Capt˙ Cressop' s Company, for Rifles, with 24˙5 Dollars.

Captain Stephenson' s Company with - 8 2/3 Dollars.

The remainder to the Continent.

To Robert Erwin, Wagonmaster, for transporting Saltpetre from Egg-Harbour, the sum of 117˙4 Dollars.

To Robert Patton, for one hundred and sixty-three days' attendance as a Messenger, the sum of 108˙7 Dollars.

To Hugh Hodge, for Medicines for the Third Pennsylvania Battalion, the sum of 27˙4 Dollars.

To Samuel Kennedy, Surgeon to the Fourth Pennsylvania Battalion, the sum of 14˙1 Dollars.

To Michael Whitman, for Provision furnished Prisoners from St˙ Johns, the sum of £1 15 6, Pennsylvania currency, and that the same ought to be paid to Adam Kimmel, together with two-thirds of a Dollar omitted to be charged in a former account rendered by him, the whole amounting to 5˙3 Dollars.

On several Accounts rendered by Major Nicholas Hausegger, for necessaries for the Fourth Pennsylvania Battalion, the sum of 203˙7 Dollars, and the same ought to be paid to him.


To Christian Levy, for a Rifle, the sum of 8 Dollars, which ought to be charged to Captain Nelson.

To Major Nicholas Hausegger, for divers expenses paid by him, the sum of 34˙4 Dollars.

To John Barnes, for boarding Officers, prisoners at Trenton, the sum of 77˙3 Dollars; of which sum,

Dr˙ Huddleston to be charged with — 24 Dollars.

Lieutenant Namar, — 24 do.

Major Regonville, — 16 do.

Lieutenant Symes, — 13˙3 do.

On several Accounts exhibited by Lewis Gordon, Esq˙, for sundry necessaries furnished by Northampton Committee to Captain Nelson' s and Captain Craig' s Companies, the sum of 1310˙1 Dollars, of which there ought to be charged,

To Captain Craig' s Company — 1205˙7 Dollars.

And to Captain Nelson' s Company — 7˙2 do.

And the remainder to the Continent.

Ordered, That the said Accounts be paid.

Resolved, That General Washington be empowered to appoint an Assistant Clerk to his Secretary, with the pay of 40 Dollars per month.

Resolved, That an Order for 10,500 Dollars be drawn on the Treasurers in favour of the Delegates of Connecticut, to be by them transmitted to the Governour and Council of the said Colony, for the use of the Battalion ordered to be raised there by a Resolution of the 16th instant, the said Governour and Council to be accountable.

That an Order for 21,000 Dollars be drawn on the Treasurers in favour of the Delegates of Massachusetts Bay, to be by them transmitted to the Assembly of the said Colony for the use of the two Battalions ordered to be raised there by the Resolution above-mentioned, the said Assembly to be accountable.

That the pay of the said three Battalions commence from the time they are armed and mustered.

That an Order for 10,500 Dollars be drawn on the Treasurers in favour of the Delegates of New Hampshire, to be by them transmitted to the Council of the said Colony, for the use of the Battalion ordered to be raised there by a Resolution of the 14th instant — the said Council to be accountable.

The Congress took into consideration the Report of the Committee for superintending the Treasury:

Whereupon, Resolved, That the Five Millions Dollars directed to be emitted in Continental Bills of Credit, shall consist of the following denominations:

138,889 of 1 Dollar each, — $138,889

138,889 of 2 ditto, — 277,778

138,889 of 3 ditto, — 416,667

138,888 of 4 ditto, — 555,552

138,889 of 5 ditto, — 694,445

138,889 of 6 ditto, — 833,334

138,889 of 7 ditto, — 972,223

138,889 of 8 ditto, — 1,111,112

1,111,111 — 5,000,000

That the Inspectors of the Press for the last emission be directed and authorized to perform that service for the present emission, being first qualified agreeable to the Resolution of Congress, passed the 21st of February last.

That the gentlemen appointed to sign and number the Bills of Credit of the last emission, be authorized to sign and number the Bills of Credit of the 5,000,000 of Dollars now agreed to be emitted, taking, before they shall enter upon their office, the oath or affirmation prescribed by the Resolution of Congress of the 9th of March last.

That the Plates engraved for the two last emissions shall be used in the emission now directed, and that the Bills be expressed in the following words:

This Bill entitles the bearer to receive — Spanish milled Dollars, or the value thereof in Gold or Silver, according to a Resolution of Congress, passed at Philadelphia, the 9th of May, 1776.

That the said Bills be signed by two signers, and each different denomination numbered, from number one progressively.

The Committee appointed to examine and ascertain the value of the several species of Gold and Silver Coins current in these Colonies, and the proportions they ought respectively


to bear to Spanish milled Dollars, brought in their Report, which was read,

Ordered, To lie on the table.

Adjourned to ten o' clock, tomorrow.