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Address of the Episcopal Ministers and Wardens


Address of the Episcopal Ministers and Wardens in BOSTON, to Governour HUTCHINSON, presented MONDAY, MAY 23, 1774, at the Castle.

SIR: The Ministers of the Episcopal Churches in Boston, and the neighbouring towns, with as many of the Wardens, as could conveniently attend, hearing of your intention to embark in a short time for England, beg leave to express our unfeigned gratitude for your generous attention, and unwearied application to the important interests of this Province, in which your wisdom and integrity have been equally conspicuous. If any of our fellow-citizens have viewed your administration in a less favourable light, we are persuaded it must be owing to some misapprehension of your Excellency' s intentions. But that which falls more immediately within our province, is the regard you have always paid to the interests of religion, and the favourable notice you have taken of the Church of England within your Government. Be pleased, sir, to accept this sincere testimony of our respect and gratitude, together with our earnest prayers that the divine blessing may attend you through the remaining stages of your life, and reward you with an eternity of happiness in the life to come.