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Proclamation by General Howe


By his Excellency WILLIAM HOWE, &c˙, &c˙, &c˙

Whereas it is become the indispensable duty of every loyal and faithful citizen to contribute all in his power for the preservation of order and good government within the Town of Boston, I do hereby recommend that the inhabitants do immediately associate themselves, to be formed into Companies, under proper officers, selected by me from among the associators, to be solely employed within the precincts of the Town, and for the purposes above mentioned.

That this association be opened in the Council Chamber, under the direction of the Hon˙ Peter Oliver, Foster Hutchinson, and William Brown, Esquires, on Monday, the 30th day of October, 1775, and continued for four days following, that no one may plead ignorance of the same.

Out of the number of persons voluntarily entering into the association, all such as are able to discharge the duty required of them shall be properly armed, and an allowance of fuel and provisions be made to those requiring the same, equal to what is issued to His Majesty' s troops within the garrison.

Given at Head-Quarters, at Boston, October 28, 1775.