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Council of Safety directed to station armed Boats to prevent any communication with the Fowey


Wednesday, June 26, 1776.

Convention met. All Members present as on yesterday. The Proceedings of yesterday were read.

Ordered, That the small Tender belonging to the Defence be stationed between Greenbury' s and Horn Point, one armed Boat between Tolley' s and Horn Point, and one other armed Boat between Greenbury' s and Hackett' s Point, to prevent any communication with the Fowey, and that the Council of Safety carry this Order into execution.

A Petition from Turbutt Betton, of Queen Anne' s County, and a Representation from Daniel Dulany, of Annapolis, were read, and ordered to lie on the table.

The Proceedings of the Committee of Observation for Anne Arundel County against William Yeldell, who had refused to sign the Association, were laid before the Convention, and read. And, on consideration thereof,


Ordered, That the said William Yeldell give bond, with such sureties as shall be approved of by the Committee of Anne Arundel County, in the penalty of £100, current money, with condition agreeable to the Resolve of the December Convention; that he pay the charges of imprisonment, and on payment and giving bond, be discharged.

William Bishop was brought before the Convention, on suspicion of having been aiding and assisting in carrying Peter Craufurd and James McCaskie on board the Fowey man-of-war; and, upon inquiry, it appearing that the said Bishop had been so aiding and assisting,

It is Resolved, That the said Bishop give bond, with security, payable to the President, in the sum of £200, common money, for his appearance at the next Convention, and for his good behaviour in the mean time.

The Convention adjourns till to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.