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Major Hawley to Bring in a Resolve.


Friday, June 30, 1775.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Wheeler, Major Fuller, and Mr˙ Greenleaf, be a Committee to bring in a Resolve for the purpose of appointing some person to convey one Green, a captive, to Worcester Jail, there to be confined till further order of this Congress.

The Committee appointed to consider what was best to be done with the supernumerary sheets of Colony Notes, reported. The Report was accepted, and is as follows,viz:

The Committee appointed to consider what shall be done with the supernumerary sheets, struck off from the plate containing the twenty, fourteen, and six Shilling Bills, have attended that service, and find, upon examination, that there are one hundred and twenty-seven sheets above the number proposed, which make the sum of two hundred and fifty-four Pounds; and beg leave to report, that it is our opinion, that an order of Congress be taken for committing said sheets to the care of the Receiver-General, until the further order of this Congress, or House of Representatives.

Ordered, That Major Hawley bring in a Resolve, directing the Committee of Safety to consider the expediency of granting a further emission of Bills of Credit.

A Letter from the Committee of Safety, enclosing one from the Committee of Safety of Portsmouth to Doctor Langdon, and an anonymous Letter wrote from Boston to Portsmouth, which was intercepted by the said Committee at Portsmouth; were read, and

Ordered, That a copy of the Letter from the Committee of Safety of Portsmouth be transmitted to the Committee of Supplies, and that the anonymous Letter lie on the tabled.

Ordered, That such of the Committee who were appointed to deliver out Commissions as are now present, be directed to attest the list of Officers commissioned.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Wheeler be directed to deliver the supernumerary Bills to the Receiver-General, and take his receipt for the same.

A Petition of Doctor William Whiting was read; whereupon,

Resolved, That the Receiver-General be, and he hereby is directed to pay to Doctor Whiting the sum of eight Pounds, in Colony notes, towards defraying the expenses of the said Doctor Whiting, which may accrue in his journey to New-York, said Whiting to be accountable for the same to this Congress, or some future House of Assembly of this Colony.

The Committee appointed to consider some measures to prevent the spreading of the Small-Pox, were directed to sit forthwith.

Ordered, That Deacon Fisher, Mr˙ Lothrop and Col˙ Richmond, be a Committee to consider a Resolve of the Committee of Safety relative to Artificer' s Accounts; and that said Committee be directed to consider such Accounts ad pay be transmitted to this Congress by the Committee of Safety, and to report thereon.

Resolved, That the Resolve of this Congress relative to procuring Powder from the Counties of Hampshire and Worcester, be reconsidered, and that the same, together with the Report of the Committee appointed to prepare Instructions to the Committee appointed to procure Powder from said Counties, be recommitted.

Ordered, That Captain Stone, Mr˙ Plympton, and Mr˙ Johnson, be a Committee to bring in a Resolve for the purpose of making provision for the Poor of the Town of Charlestown.

Ordered, That Colonel Coffin, Mr˙ Lothrop, Captain Nye, Captain Bragdon, and Colonel Mitchell, be a Committee to inquire into the state of the two Light-Houses at Cape Ann, and the Light-House at the entrance of Boston


Harbour, and also that at Plymouth, and consider whether it is expedient to continue the lights therein.

Major Hawley, agreeable to order, brought in the following Resolve; which was accepted:

Resolved, That the Committee of Safety be a Committee forthwith to consider whether the exigences of this Colony do require that there should be, as soon as possible, a grant made by this Congress of a further emission of Notes or Bills of Credit; and that they consider of what sum it is proper that grant should consist, and of what denominations such Bills should be, and whether they should bear any interest, and if any, what the rate of such interest should be, and at what time such Notes or Bills should be payable or redeemed; and whatever other regulations the said Committee shall judge it expedient such Notes or Bills should be issued upon; and that the said Committee report as soon as may be.

Ordered, That Deacon Fisher bring in a Resolve, directing the Receiver-General to pay the sum of three Pounds, and ten Shillings, to the Committee appointed to procure Powder from the County of Worcester, and two Pounds ten Shillings, to Captain Goodman, who is appointed to procure Powder from the County of Hampshire.