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General Orders, Head-Quarters, New-York, August 6 to August 12


Head Quarters, New York, August 8, 1776.

(Parole, Greenwich.) (Countersign, Kensington.)

Passes signed by the President of the Convention of New York are to be deemed authentick, and noticed as such by officers attending at the ferries.

As the movements of the enemy, and intelligence by deserters, give the utmost reason to believe that the great struggle in which we are contending for everything dear to us, and our posterity, is near at hand, the General most earnestly recommends the closest attention to the state of the men' s arms, ammunition, and flints; that if we should be suddenly called to action, nothing of this kind may be to provide; and he does most anxiously exhort both officers


and soldiers, not to be out of their quarters or encampments, especially early in the morning, or upon the tide of flood.

A flag in the daytime, or a light at night, in the fort on Bayard' s Hill, with three guns from the same place, fired quick but distinct, is to be considered as a signal for the troops to repair to their alarm posts, and prepare for action. And that the alarm may be more effectually given, the drums are immediately to beat to arms upon the signal being given from Bayard' s Hill. This order is not to be considered as countermanding the firing two guns at Fort George as formerly ordered. That is also to be done upon an alarm, but the flag will not be hoisted at the old Head Quarters in the Broadway.

Colonel Parson' s, Colonel Reed, Colonel Huntington, Colonel Webb, Colonel Wyllys, Colonel Bailey, Colonel Baldwin, Colonel McDougall, Colonel Ritzema, and Lieutenant-Colonel Sheppard, to attend at Head Quarters, this evening, at six o' clock.