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Stephen Moylan to Captain Bartlett



Cambridge, November 5, 1775.

SIR: I am commanded by his Excellency to acknowledge your favour of yesterday, by Captain Brown, which brings an account of a sloop from Boston, bound to Annapolis Royal, having fallen into our hands. It is his Excellency' s pleasure that you take an accurate inventory of all the goods on board, and, as soon as you conveniently can, transmit them to Head-Quarters, where there is no doubt that, when sold, they will bring a better price than they would at your place. The General will, at finishing the sale, make such satisfaction to those two resolute fellows who first ventured on board, and to the rest who engaged in that adventure, as in such cases is proper and customary. He desires me, Sir, to assure you he approves much of your conduct in this affair, and doubts not, from your character, that he will have further reason to do so in your agency, which I sincerely hope will be of consequence to you and to the publick. As to the people found on board, it is his Excellency' s pleasure that, on their giving the best security they can that they will not act against America, they be discharged, taking with them their clothes and necessaries, except the Captain and owner, whom you will please to send to Head-Quarters for examination. Let the vessel be laid up at the wharf until further orders. We heard of Manly' s being at Plymouth, as yet unsuccessful.

Providence has sent us a good supply of wine, by a vessel from Philadelphia being stranded at Eastham, with an hundred and twenty pipes, bound to Boston; one hundred and eighteen of them saved, which are ordered to this place.

I am, with great regard, Sir, your most humble servant,

STEPHEN MOYLAN, Sec˙ pro tem.

To Captain William Bartlett, Agent, Beverly.