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New-Ipswich (New-Hampshire) Committee



New-Ipswich, July 22, 1775.

In February last, the Committee of Inspection for the Town of New-Ipswich, in New-Hampshire, finding that Mr˙ David Hills, a trader in said Town, had raised the price of some articles of his Merchandise, whereupon said


Committee called him to an account, and after some debate, said Hills promised to adhere strictly to the Association; so said Committee received him again. In the beginning of March then next, the said Hills violated the Association again in the same manner as before, whereupon said Committee called him to an account again; then he said he did not understand the Association nor the promise, as we did, but for the future he would adhere to the Association and the promise, as we understood them; so was again received. Now he has violated the Association in like manner the third time, notwithstanding his promise; so we again examined him, and he owned he had raised his price on some articles, viz. Salt, Fish, and Rum, and says it is no violation of the Association, so refuses to make satisfaction. Now we, the Committee, advise all good people to break off all dealings with him, as the Association binds all to do. By order of the Committee.

JOSEPH BATES, Chairman of said Committee.