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Governour Directed to Apply to Congress


Thursday, November 23, 1775.

At a meeting as aforesaid, present:

His Honour the Governour, Honourable Deputy-Governour Griswold, Jabez Huntington, Samuel Huntington, William Williams, Nathaniel Wales, Esquires.

On motion by the Governour, respecting the disposition of the Prisoners sending to this Colony from St˙ John' s,

Voted and Ordered, That the Committee to take care of Prisoners be directed to receive said Prisoners, and distribute them in suitable proportions in the Counties of Litchfield, Hartford, and Windham, for the present; and that they give the preference as to choice and convenience of situation, if any be, to the Officers, &c˙, of the Twenty-Sixth Regiment, and especially Major Preston; and that they also have regard to the places of assigning mechanicks who may be among the soldiers, so as they may most beneficially employ themselves; and take care that families, if such there be, be not separated. And that said Committee use their prudence and caution in placing the Officers so as the least probable inconvenience may arise from their situation.

Moved by Captain Deshon, That Captain Niles, of the Armed Schooner Spy, informs that there is a Vessel at Sag-Harbour, Long-Island, loading with Provisions, &c˙, said to be bound to Nantucket, without any proper permit, and is suspected to be designed for the use of the Ministerial Troops. And that he desires direction, whether he shall prevent her, &c.

Ordered, That a copy of a Resolve of the Continental Congress, respecting the exportation of Provisions from any of the United Colonies, &c˙, passed about the 6th of November, instant, be sent to said Niles, for his direction.

It being represented that several Prisoners from Chambly, or thereabouts, of the inhabitants of Canada, now at Farmington, are turbulent and disorderly, and refuse to give their parole to abide faithful Prisoners, and say they will escape, unless imprisoned, &c˙, and it is suspected they wish to be imprisoned, they may complain of hard usage, and affect the minds of their Canadian brethren, &c˙,

Ordered and Agreed, That the Committee for Prisoners have and cause to be kept a special and vigilant watch over those persons, so as to prevent their escape, even if some extra expense should be incurred thereby. And that they give proper notice of their apprehensions of the designed escape of those persons, describing them, &c˙, to such Towns and places as they shall judge expedient, and request that they keep out a vigilant eye, to prevent the execution of such design.

And dismissed.