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Philadelphia Committee



Committee-Chamber, May 17, 1775.

Whereas, by some misapprehension or mistake of the Seventh Resolve of the late Provincial Convention, sundry Lambs have been lately brought into market and purchased by some of the inhabitants of this City: In order, therefore, to rectify such mistake, and as much as possible to preserve and promote the breed of Sheep, it is ordered that said Resolve be re-published in all the Newspapers; and the Committee do earnestly request all persons to discourage a practice which has so pernicious a tendency to deprive us of wool, one of the most material and necessary articles of manufacture.

"Resolved unanimously, That from and after the first day of March next, no person or persons should use in his, her, or their families, (unless in cases of necessity,) and on no account to sell to the butchers, or kill for the market, any Sheep under four years old; and where there is a necessity for using any mutton in their families, it is recommended to them to kill such as are the least profitable to keep."

ISAAC MELCHER, Secretary pro tem.