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Letter from General Gates to General Waterbury



Tyonderoga, July 17, 1776.

DEAR SIR: This will be delivered to you by Dr˙ Ely, sent here by Governour Trumbull, and the authority of Connecticut, to concert with me the best means to prevent


the infection of the small pox from spreading amongst the Militia daily expected from that Colony, and the other Eastern Governments. The Doctor highly approves of the method taken here to stop the progress of that pestilential disease, and goes to your post, by my direction, to give you his advice and assistance, to promote the salutary purpose of his journey to the Army. I have no doubt you will give him all the attention and countenance requisite to so important a business, and that you will continue to exert your utmost vigilance and power to make us once more a healthy Army. I send you by this conveyance a large quantity of provisions, five barrels of powder, two hundred and fifty weight of lead, some cartridge paper and thread, and a set of bullet moulds. You will employ proper persons, and, as quick as possible, have the ammunition made up into cartridges.

A gentleman, of credit and reputation, brings a report to Albany, that a French fleet had arrived at Rhode Island, with Mr˙ Deane on board. I am, sir, &c˙, &c.


To General Waterbury.