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April 2


April 2, 1776.

William Sitgreaves and Peter Ozeas, having presented to this Committee the following papers, as acknowledgments of their having infringed the rules laid down by this body for regulating the prices of several articles of goods, and desired them, if they thought it necessary to lay their cases before the publick, to suffer their declarations to accompany them; the Committee, therefore, in discharge of the duty they owe to the publick, and in order to show to the world their resolutions to support their limitations, which they are of opinion are founded on just, generous principles, do think it highly proper to publish the several papers


voluntarily signed and handed to them by the said William Sitgreaves and Peter Ozeas, and at the same time resolve that they esteem those papers as acknowledgments satisfactory to this Committee.

Extract from the Minutes:

SAMUEL C˙ MORRIS, Secretary.