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Major Malcom


Major Malcom, attending at the door, was admitted.

Major Malcom delivered in his Report in writing of his proceedings on the Warrant issued to him yesterday evening; which was read and filed, and is the words following, to wit:

"In obedience to the order of Congress last night, I went with a party of men, in two boats, to the house of John Myford, for whom we made a strict search, but found him not. I found eight sheep, which, as it was difiicult to bring over the river, I gave in charge to Captain Sebring, of the Light-Horse, and herewith deliver his receipt for them. There were two men, Hunt and Oakly, from East-Chester, in the house, who refused giving any account of themselves, and being in a suspicious house, I brought them to town prisoners. The Delegates from Westchester, Messrs˙ Drake and Ward, answered for their appearance at five o' clock this afternoon, when, if the Congress think proper, they shall be brought up for examination.


"To the Honourable the Provincial Congrcssof the Colony of New-York."


He also delivered in the receipt of Isaac l˙ Sebring, an officer of the Light-Horse, which was read and filed.

Ordered, That the Deputies of Westchester County be a Committee to examine the persons taken by Major Malcom on oath, and to liberate them, or order them into confinement, as they may think proper.