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Islip Precinct, Suffolk County



At a town-meeting of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Precinct of Islip, in the said County, on the 13th day of May, Anno Domini 1775, it was agreed upon by the subscribers to assent to and acquiesce in the measures prescribed by the foregoing Association; but, from the small number of us, think it inexpedient to send a Deputy, but choose rather to abide by the determination of the other Deputies of the County. And as some of us are of the people called Quakers, we mean to act no further than is consistent with our religious principles. [Not one of the Quakers signed the Association.]

Thomas Udall,
Benajah Strong,
William Smith, Jr˙,
John Lewis,
Israel Howell,
Jonas Wheeler,
John Rogers,
John Moubray,
Thomas Smith,
Jesse Rogers,
Micah Wheeler,
Moubray Smith,
John Lewis, Jr˙,
Jeremiah Terry,
James Morris, Jr˙,
Joseph Udall,
James Morris,
Zebulon Sexton,
Jonathan Birch,
George Smith,
William Smith,
William Nicoll, Jr˙,
John Edwards,
Isaac Mune,
John Hudson,
Caleb Saxton,
Nathaniel Oakly,
William Smalling,
William Terry,
Samuel Oakly,
W˙ Nicoll,
Daniel Wheeler,
Isaac Thompson,
Jacob Baker,
James Smith.

The names underwritten are the names of those persons that did not choose to sign the foregoing Association:Platt Smith, Nathaniel Smith, Israel Howell, Jr˙, Caleb Wood, Jeremiah Homan.

The following are the people called Quakers: Richard Willets, David Willets, Jacob Willets, Jacob Willets, Jr˙, John Willets, Job Willets, Jacob Willets, 3d, Obadiah Green, Adonijah Underhill.