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Memorial to Congress


Resolved, That Colonel Roberdeau and Colonel Nixon be a Committee to fix on a mode for speedily supplying the Associators in the different Counties with Cartridges, properly fitted to the bore of each Firelock.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Wharton and Mr˙ Samuel Morris be a Committee to direct the properly fitting the four Flats, to be purchased as Hulks for a cover to the Armed Boats in time of action, at or near Fort-Island.

Robert Morris, Esq˙, produced to the Committee a copy of his Instructions to Mr˙ Caronio, dated 12th February and 1st March, respecting the sale of a Cargo of Provisions shipped by order of this Committee per the Brigantine Dolphin, Captain Prole, for St˙ Thomas, consigned to said Stephen Caronio, with orders to invest the net proceeds of said Cargo, (the balance arising from her freight,) and the net proceeds of a Cargo shipped to Porto Rico per the Nancy, Captain Montgomery, in Powder, Arms, &c˙; all which he was directed to return by the Brig Nancy, Captain Montgomery, for account of this Committee.

Mr˙ Morris also produced a Letter from Mr˙ Caronio, dated at St˙ Thomas, 30th April last, whereby it appears he had sold both Cargoes, and was receiving pay, part in Cash and part in Produce of the West-Indies.

Therefore, Resolved, That the whole value of Goods and


Cash, shipped on board the said Brigantine Nancy, by Mr˙ Stephen Caronio, for account and risk of this Committee, shall be accepted for the publick account, and are at their risk; and that said Mr˙ Caronio' s Bills for amount of what he so ships more than the net proceeds of the Brigantine Dolphin' s Cargo, shall be accepted and paid.

Resolved. That the Memorial to Congress, of the 21st instant, be reconsidered to-morrow morning.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Jacob S˙ Howell be employed to go to the different Powder-Mills employed by this Board, in order to this Committee being informed of their state, and that Mr˙ Owen Riddle give him instructions for that purpose.

By order of the Board an Order was drawn on Mr˙ John Nixon and others, the Committee of Accounts, in favour of Robert Erwin, for forty Pounds, being towards the payment of Wagons bringing Shot from Doctor Code' s Iron-Works.

Lieutenant George Ball, belonging to the Roebuck man-of-war, taken in a Pilot-Boat at Cape Henlopen some time past, and now brought to this City, this day gave his Parole, and was sent to Germantown to reside. A Letter at same time was written to Doctor Bonsall, desiring him to provide proper Boarding for said Lieutenant Ball.