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Gunpowder delivery


Robert Towers, Commissary, reports his having delivered five hundred pounds Gunpowder, to Mr˙ Francis Lewis, which Robert Morris, Esq˙, had directions to give an order for, agreeable to a Resolve of the 7th of November last; that he had delivered one hundred pounds to Captain Reed, for the use of Congress, agreeable to a Resolve of the 28th November.

That he had delivered two and a half pounds of Powder to Christian Ludwick, and received from him in return for said Powder, four pounds Saltpetre.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Owen Biddle, Mr˙ Mease, Mr˙ White, and Colonel Roberdeau, be a Committee for procuring Sea-Coal for account of this Board.

It being represented to the Commitee that Mr˙ Fox, one of the Commissioners of this County, was desirous that this Board would appoint a proper person to receive and examine the Arms now making by order of the said Commissioners,

Resolved, That Mr˙ Robert Towers, Commissary, receive and examine all such Arms, and give receipts for the same to those who deliver them, specifying such as are made agreeable to pattern.

Resolved, That Robert Towers fix Racks in a proper place in the State-House, for keeping the Arms of this Province in good order. That he provide a proper Shed for Ammunition Wagons.