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Committee to Consider the State of the Artillery


Ordered, That Colonel Porter, Captain Stone of Oakham, Captain Partridge, Colonel Otis, and Deacon Baker, be a Committee to consider the Letter from Mr˙ Gridley to the Committee of Safety, and to confer with them thereon; and also on the state of the Artillery in general.

Resolved, That the four Prisoners brought to this Congress by Sergeant John Parker, be committed to the custody of the guard which is appointed to guard the publick stores in Watertown, till the further order of this Congress; and that the Commissary be directed to provide what provisions they may stand in need of till to-morrow morning.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Sullivan bring in a Resolve for the purpose of discouraging and preventing persons from taking any Notes or Bills of Credit of this or the other Colonies, under the value specified therein.