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If Any Agent of the Ministry Shall Induce


Saturday, July 1, 1775.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

On motion, Resolved, That in case any Agent of the Ministry shall induce the Indian Tribes, or any of them, to commit actual hostilities against these Colonies, or to enter into an offensive alliance with the British Troops, thereupon the Colonies ought to avail themselves of an alliance with such Indian Nations as will enter into the same, to oppose such British Troops and their Indian allies.

The Congress then took into consideration the Report of the Committee on Indian Affairs.

During the debate Letters were received by express from General Schuyler, which requiring an immediate answer, the same were taken into consideration:

Resolved, That General Schuyler be directed not to remove General Wooster, or the Troops under his command, from New-York; but that he raise as many of the Green Mountain Boys, under such Officers as they shall choose, with such other men in the vicinity of Ticonderoga as will be necessary to carry into execution the Resolutions of the Congress, of the 27th of June last, transmitted to him.

Ordered, That this be transmitted to General Schuyler by the President.

On motion made, Resolved, That Lieutenant Patrick Moncrief have liberty to return to England, on giving his parole of honour, that he will not act against the Americans in the present controversy between Great Britain and these Colonies.

The Order of the Day being put off, the Congress adjourned till Monday next at nine o' clock.