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General Orders July 17


Head-Quarters, July 17, 1775.

(Parole, Boston.)

(Countersign, Salem.)

There is reason to apprehend, that the General Orders are not regularly published to the non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the Army. As pleading ignorance of orders will not for the future be admitted in excuse of any delinquency, it is once more ordered, that the Adjutants of the several corps will be exact in seeing the orders read every evening to the men off duty, of their respective corps, as they may depend upon answering before a Court-Martial for any neglect in obeying this order.

The General Court-Martial, whereof Col˙ John Nixon is President, to sit again to-morrow morning at eight o' clock, to try Such prisoners as shall be brought before them; all evidences and persons concerned to attend the Court.

There being a great neglect in sending in the Returns to the Adjutant-General, as directed by the General Orders of Friday last, (especially From the Regiments posted in and near Roxbury,) the General assures Commanding


Officers of corps from whom the Returns are expected, that he will not for the future pass over the slightest neglect in sending Returns to Head-Quarters at the time directed by the General Orders. If there is any remissness in the Adjutants, the Colonels will confine the transgressors.

After Orders,

Captain Benjamin Perkins, of Colonel Little' s Regiment, confined by Colonel Doolittle for assisting and abetting soldiers to mutiny, in rescuing a prisoner from the quarter-guard of Colonel Doolittle' s Regiment, is to be tried to-morrow morning by the Court-Martial whereof Colonel Nixon is President; all evidences and persons concerned to attend the Court.