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Note on Patrick Henry


May 12, 1775. — Yesterday, Patrick Henry, one of the Delegates for this Colony, escorted by a number of respectable young gentlemen, Volunteers from this and King William and Caroline Counties, set out to attend the General Congress. They proceeded with him as far as Mrs˙ Hooe' s Ferry, on the Potomack, by whom they were most kindly and hospitably entertained; and also provided with boats and hands to cross the river. And after partaking of this lady' s beneficence, the bulk of the Company took their leave of Mr˙ Henry, saluting him with two platoons and repeated huzzas. A guard accompanied that worthy gentleman to the Maryland side, who saw him safely landed; and committing him to the gracious and wise Disposer of all human events, to guide and protect him whilst contending for a restitution of our dearest rights and liberties, they wished him a safe journey, and happy return to his family and friends.