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Enclosed Resolve


Philadelphia, June 20, 1775.

SIR: The enclosed Resolve, which passed yesterday, I have, by order of Congress, forwarded to New-Hampshire,


Rhode-Island, and Connecticut, and now send to you for your government.

I am directed by the Congress to inform you of their desire that none of the Troops now before Boston, however large their number, be disbanded, but retained by you in the service until the further order of this Congress, or orders from General Washington.

Resolved, That the Governour of Connecticut be requested to direct all the forces raised in that Colony, not employed at Ticonderoga and Crown Point, or recommended by this Congress, to be marched into, the Province of New-York, to be immediately sent to join the combined Army before Boston; and it is earnestly recommended to the Colony of Rhode-Island, and Provincial Convention of New-Hampshire, to send immediately to the Army before Boston such of the forces as are already embodied, towards their quotas of the Troops agreed to be raised by the New-England Colonies.

A true copy from the minutes: