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Charles Carroll, Barrister, appointed Vice President of the Council


Tuesday, May 28, 1776.

Met according to adjournment. Present as yesterday, and also the Hon˙ George Plater, Esq˙, who was qualified before Mr˙ Hall, by taking the oath prescribed by the Convention.

Ordered. That Letters be immediately sent to the several absent Members, respectively, requiring their attendance in Council; which was done accordingly.

The Hon˙ Charles Carroll, Esq˙, was appointed Vice-President of the Council.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Plater be requested immediately to have a Chart of Smith' s Creek, in St˙ Mary' s County, made, with the soundings into the River, and the altitude of the banks on each side of said Creek.

Adjourned till three o' clock; and met accordingly.

Mr˙ Plater has leave of absence.

Mr˙ Richard Barnes was appointed in the room of Mr˙ Plater to join with Brigadier-General Dent in erecting Beacons on the River Potomack.

Adjourned till next day, ten o' clock.