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Order of the Day



The Order of the Day moved for.

The County of Suffolk having nominated, the Congress chose Mr˙ John Pitts, Mr˙ Nathaniel Baylies, Colonel Aaron Davis, Mr˙ Moses Bullen, and Mr˙ Abner Ellis.

ESSEX. — Joseph Gerrish, Esquire, Colonel Michael Farley, Major Samuel Holten, Captain Samuel Osgood, and Captain Josiah Batcheldor.

MIDDLESEX. — James Prescott, Esquire, Major Eleazer Brooks, Mr˙ Richard Devens, Colonel Simeon Spalding, and Captain Jonathan Brown.

WORCESTER. — Colonel Jedediah Foster, Captain Timothy Bigelow, Mr˙ Edward Rawson, Captain Samuel Brooks, and Colonel Jonathan Grout.

BRISTOL. — Doctor David Cobb, Benjamin Atkin, Esquire, Doctor William Baylies, Captain William Holmes, and Captain Thomas Carpenter.

BARNSTABLE. — Daniel Davis, Esquire, Captain Stephen Nye, Mr˙ Moses Swift, Mr˙ Benjamin Freeman, and Mr˙ Naaman Holbrook.

BERKSHIRE. — Mr˙ Samuel Brown, Mark Hopkins, Esquire, Captain Charles Goodrich, Major Jonathan Smith, and Captain Caleb Hide.

PLYMOUTH. — Honourable James Warren, Esquire, Col. Edward Mitchell, Captain Joshua White, Doctor Jeremiah Hall, and Mr˙ Ebenezer White.

LINCOLN. — James Howard, Esquire, Mr˙ Timothy Langdon, Mr˙ Dumer Sewal, Mr˙ ——- Cobb, and Mr˙ Joseph Waldo.

NANTUCKET. — Josiah Coffin, Esquire, Grafton Gardner, Esquire, Mr˙ Josiah Barker, Timothy Folger, Esquire, and Mr˙ Stephen Hussey.

DUKES COUNTY. — Joseph Mayhew, Esquire, John Summer, Esquire, Colonel Beriah Norton, Shubael Cottle, Esquire, and Mr˙ Rainsford Smith.

CUMBERLAND. — Solomon Lombard, Esquire, Mr˙ Samuel Freeman, Mr˙ John Lewis, Colonel Samuel Thompson, and Mr˙ Timothy McDaniel.

YORK. — Charles Chauncey, Esquire, Captain Daniel Bragdon, Mr˙ Ebenezer Sawyer, James Sullivan, Esquire, and Major Ichabod Goodwin.

HAMPSHIRE. — Major Hawley, Colonel Timothy Danielson, Mr˙ Noah Goodwin, Colonel Elisha Porter, and Colonel John Mosely.


Resolved, That the Resolve recommending the aforesaid Committees, he printed in Handbills, and sent to all the Towns and Districts.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Devens, Captain Rawson, and Colonel Davis, be a Committee to distribute the Handbills.

Ordered, That the Committee be enjoined to sit and complete the business.

An application from the Plantation of New-Providence, read, committed to Colonel Dwight, Captain Goodridge, Colonel Pomeroy, Colonel Patterson, and Mr˙ Crane.

Adjourned to nine o' clock to-morrow morning.