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Proclamation of Governour Penn


Which Letter being duly considered, the Govemour, in compliance with his Majesty' s pleasure therein-signified, issued the following Proclamation, viz:

By the Honourable JOHN PENN, Esquire, Governour and Commander-in-chief of the Province of PENNSYLVANIA, and Counties of NEW-CASTLE, KENT, and SUSSEX, on DELAWARE:


Whereas I have just received a letter from the Right Honourable the Earl of Dartmouth, one of his Majesty' s principal Secretaries of State, informing me that "it had been represented to his Majesty that the Government of Pennsylvania had taken a resolution to extend its jurisdiction up to the line settled by Commissioners between that Province and Maryland, although the Guardians of the heir of Lord Baltimore had declared their incapacity, in point of law, to concur in a ratification of


that line and, consequently, their inability to take the like step on their part; and it being apprehended that such a partial extension of jurisdiction might have the effect to disturb the peace of the King' s subjects settled on the Frontiers of both Provinces, and might occasion violence and bloodshed, he was commanded by the King to signify to me his Majesty' s pleasure, that I should desist from issuing any orders for extending the jurisdiction of Pennsylvania beyond those places where it had been usually exercised, until the present difficulty on the part of Maryland shall be removed, or until his Majesty' s further pleasure shall be known." I have, therefore, in compliance with his Majesty' s commands, thought proper to issue this, my Proclamation, hereby strictly commanding and enjoining all Magistrates, Sheriffs, and other Officers of Justice, to desist from exercising the jurisdiction of the Government of Pennsylvania or the Counties of New-Castle, Kent, and Sussex, on Delaware, beyond those places where the same hath been usually exercised, until the present difficulty on the part of Maryland shall be removed, or until his Majesty' s pleasure shall be known in the premises, any thing in any former Proclamation contained to the contrary notwithstanding.

Given under my hand and the great seal of the Province of Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia, the second day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-four, and in the fifteenth year of his Majesty' s reign.


By his Honour' s command,

JOSEPH SHIPPEN, Jun˙, Secretary.

GOD save the King.