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Council of North-Carolina


At a Council held at the Council Chamber, the 7th of April, 1775, in the evening, Present: His Excellency the Governour, the Honourable James Hasell, John Rutherford, Lewis H˙ De Rossett, Alexander McCulloch, Samuel Strudwick, Martin Howard, Samuel Cornell, and Thomas McGuire, Esquires:

His Excellency laid before the Board the Journals of the House of Assembly, in which was contained, amongst other unwarrantable proceedings, the following Resolve:

"Resolved, That the House do highly approve of the Proceedings of the Continental Congress lately held at Philadelphia, and that they are determined, as members of the community in general, that they will strictly adhere to the said Resolutions, and will use what influence they have to induce the same observance in every individual of this Colony."

Upon consideration hereof, this Board gave if as their opinion, that the longer existence of such a House of Assembly is incompatible with the honour of the Crown and the safety of the people, and therefore unanimously advised His Excellency to dissolve them, which was done by the following Proclamation: