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Major Bullard to Massachusetts Council



To the honourable Council of the State of the MASSACHUSETTES-BAY:

The following humbly hoewith: That the subscriber having received a handbill from the Governour of Rhode-Island yesterday morning, representing that the town of Providence was in the utmost danger of being attacked by the enemy, I immediately alarmed the town of Walpole, and ordered every able-bodied man, except the quarter part that was drafted to reinforce the army near New-York, to be ready to march, equipped with arms, &c˙, and four days' provisions, by one o' clock in the afternoon; but before that time I received verbal orders from Major Metcalf to meet him with the men from Walpole, at Cumberland, in order to join the regiment, as he had sent the like orders to the rest of the towns in the regiment. After finding that Major Metcalf was able to take the command of the regiment, I thought it was not so proper for me to go with the regiment to Providence, as I was appointed to go with the detachment that was drafted for New-York, but be preparing for that march; I accordingly ordered the men to march yesterday about two o' clock for Cumberland, in order to join the regiment. About ten o' clock last evening I received an express from the honourable Board with orders to march the Fourth Regiment to Providence, except the quarter part as before mentioned; but as Major Metcalf had already marched with the regiment, I thought it was not prudent for me to follow after, for the reasons already mentioned; however, lest Major Metcalf had taken some of the drafted men with him, I immediately forwarded the express to him, that he might govern himself accordingly. I have also sent to the Selectmen of the several towns in the regiment, to follow their men with the necessary supplies, according to law. If I should be so happy as to meet with the approbation


of the honourable Board, it will afford much satisfaction.

I am, with all proper regards, your Honours' and the State' s humble servant,


Second Major of Fourth Regiment.

Walpole, December 9th, 1776.