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Proclamation by General Howe


By His Excellency WILLIAM HOWE, Major-General, &c˙, &c˙, &c.

As linen and woollen goods are articles much wanted by the Rebels, and would aid and assist them in their rebellion, the Commander-in-Chief expects that all good subjects will use their utmost endeavours to have all such articles conveyed from this place. Any who have not opportunity to convey their goods under their own care, may deliver them on board the Minerva, at Hubbard' s Wharf, to Crean Brush , Esq˙, marked with their names; who will give a


certificate of the delivery, and will oblige himself to return them to the owners, all unavoidable accidents excepted.

If, after this notice, any person secretes or keeps in his possession such articles, he will be treated as a favourer of Rebels.

Boston, March 10, 1776.