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Cannon in Concord to be disposed of immediately within the Town


April 14, 1775.

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety, at Concord, at the house of Mr˙ Taylor, on Saturday, the 14th of April 1775, Present:

The Honourable John Hancock, Esq˙, Colonel Heath, Captain White, Mr˙ Devens, Colonel Gardner, Mr˙ Watson, Mr˙ Palmer.

Voted, That the Cannon now in the Town of Concord be immediately disposed of within said Town, as the Committee of Supplies may direct.

Voted, That the Cannon-powder, now at Leicester, be removed, one load at a time, to this Town, and made into cartridges, under the direction of the Committee of Supplies.

N˙B˙ Mr˙ Devens acted as Clerk pro tempore. Colonel Gardner this day was chosen as one of the Committee of


Safety, instead of Deacon Fisher, who resigned, in consequence of the distance he lives.